World Bank & International Agencies


Whilst being engaged in my professional consultancy practice, I was requested in 1989 also to undertake, as the Lead Consultant, a World Bank funded Project to restructure the island-wide State sector Bus Transport service industry in Sri Lanka. I was afforded the privilege of selecting and putting together a team of Consultants, to carry out the assignment to achieve the given objectives of restructuring the island-wide Bus Transport service industry, which at that time was a virtual monopoly of the State, with limited competition from a non-regulated growing private sector of Bus Transport service operators.

I was invited by the World Bank to undertake this assignment, in taking into reckoning the consultancy services, I had rendered on a previous Bus Transport sector development project in 1981, which also had been funded by The World Bank, in respect of which, I had received commendations from international visiting review missions. Read More >>

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