Tax Consultancy

Tax Consultancy

Tax Consultancy Services were provided to the Businesses, Partnerships and Companies audited byNihal Sri Ameresekere & Co., Chartered Accountants, and in addition, Tax Consultancy Services were provided to the Proprietors, Partners and Directors of such Businesses, Partnerships and Companies – a Clientele of around 200.

In addition to the foregoing Tax Consultancy Services provided to Clients, whose Financial Accounts were audited by Nihal Sri Ameresekere & Co., Chartered Accountants, Tax Consultancy Services were provided also to the following Clients – thereby a Clientele of around 300.

  • P.E. Raman & Co., Group
  • K.G. Group
  • Ceylon & World Tours Ltd.
  • Gem Traders Ltd.
  • Ferntea Group
  • Somerville & Co. Ltd.

All Ceylon Gem Miners & Producer’s Co-operative Society Ltd, Ratnapura

A large circle of Gem Merchants and other Businesses in the Ratnapura District, warranting the operation of a Branch Office of NIhal Sri Ameresekere & Co., in Ratnapura

Successfully challenged a perverse Tax Amnesty of 2003, compelling the legislation to be repealed by the Parliament of Sri Lanka – see Challenges to Legislations

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